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Constructed in the year 1852 St Anthony Church is a megnificent edifice overlooking the busy busniss center of vizag. The Church enjoys thousends of  people seeking the solitude of the lord.

In the year 1852 a small house was bought at prakashrao peta where a small chapel was built for the tamil speaking catholics by Fr.J M Tissot. Fathers used to come from St.Aloysius to cater to the spiritual needs of the people. MGR.Neyret bought 10 acres of land near prakasharao peta in 1853. At the corner of the property a new church was built by Fr.Gontier in 1917. The old chapel was converted into a school and the same was sold away in 1929. The Church was in service since then and many priests ued to come to conduct religious service at St.Anthony's church. A special mention is to be made of Fr J B Gontier who regularly undertook the job of looking after the service from 1904 to 1935. Later years see Fr J B Gontier taking the lead to build a larger building for the church and also a School Building which was started in the year 1923. It became a higher elementary school in 1925, the boarders who were in the old cathedral were brought to .St.Anthony's in 1935 when priests began to stay here. The first part of the presaent school was built by Fr.Andrade who was the Head Master in 1940.

Subsequently it became a high school when Father Gopu Inna Reddy occupied the position of Head Master for The School. It was bishop Rossillon who built the new bishop's house on a 10 acre plot and shifted his residence from the fort to this new house in 1934. With the opening of bishop's house ,the church got its resident priests.The procurator to the bishop used to serve as the parish priest for some years.

Later years saw Maharanipeta becomng the hub of citi'es activities and gaining importance due to precence of Collectors office, The Hospitals, The District Cout and many more. Many residential quarters came up in its surroundings. The school and the church necessitated many people. St.Anthony's parish stands as the second largest parish in the city. The priests who worked here later became bishops such as Fr J M Tissot, Fr Baud, Fr Gopu Inna Reddy and many more. Present church was established in 1972 under the premises of our Bishop Rv. Gopu inna reddy ,Fr.Joseph pavath(procurator) , and Fr.Jacob pathupallil(parish priest).
How to Reach There
Located in Jagadamba area is easily reeachable by bus or your own vehicle.
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