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Matyadarshini (Public Aquarium)


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Set Up in the Year 1994 By Municipal Corporation the public aquarium also called matsya darshini is one of the famous attractions  of Vizag housing number of marine species.
Entry Fee
Adult 20
Child 10
 This Public Aquarium houses many rare aquatic species that were bought from distant lands like Singapore, Malaysia. This aquarium has 18 large and medium sized tanks showcasing both the marine and fresh water species. The marine varieties include the butterfly fishes, the lion fish, long horn cow fish, surgeon major, peacock wrasse, Moorish idol, stone fish, perch dusky, red squirrel fish, clown fish, trigger fish, damsels, angels, coral trout, reed fish, electric ray, porcupine fish and sweet lip rabbit fish. Besides the fishes, Matsyadarshini has rare marine invertebrates. The starfishes in gray, red and brown colors, orange and white tentacle anemones, sea anemones in green, pink, blue, light yellow and brown colors and the carpet anemones are a delight to watch

Things to Do  
The species inside will give you enough  room to spend and gaze around. In addition you also can shop for handcrafted items and shell artifacts in the souvenir shop in  the complex.
How to Reach There
RK Beach can be reached by RTC Bus that connects from all the parts of the city and if you prefer to drive on your own then it is just 3 Km from RTC Bus Station. Autos are other option too.
Suggested Itinerary
Full Day Itinerary
Dolphins Nose, Ross Hill, RK Mission, Aquarium, Lane Of Fame, Submarine Museum, Visakha Museum, VUDA Park, Sivaji Park, Kailasgiri Park
Events and Attractions  
The marine fish on display are Lion Fish, Cow Fish, Surgeon Major, Butterfly, Sweet Lips, Red -Squirell Fish, Perch Dusky and the marine Invertebrates such as Star Fish,Carpet anemone ,Tentacle -anemones are arranged for you in their original habited. In the fresh water tanks are displayed the Oscars, Pirahana, Pacu, Gouramis, Tiger Sharks, varieties of Gold Fishes etc....










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