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Located on the Beach INS Kursura the Submarine museum maintains the its exclusivity of first of its kind in the Asia. It is the only submarine museum operated in India, and as such is the primary repository for artifacts relating to Submarine. INS Kursura the fourth submarine of the Indian Navy has now been converted into a museum, which is the first one of its kind in this subcontinent. The complete submarine including her weapon package was hauled up from sea to land and positioned on concrete foundation. The museum contains milestones of the evolution of the submarine arm chronicled through artifacts, photographs and written scripts. The museum has been established with the aim of show casing the glory of the submarine arm and presenting to every one a glimpse of the life inside a submarine and the hardships encountered by the submariner at sea. The museum also beckons the people to delve deep into the history of the Indian Submarines and motivates the youth to be a part of this elite arm of the Indian Navy.
Things to Do  
In 1980 The bungalow and the land was alienated to VUDA and initial plans off converting this to a hotel were changed and citizen forums voice for converting this for a public cause were heard and S P Singh(then Municipal Commissioner)'s proposals for a museum was on paper and thanks to then Mayor D V Subba Rao and Sameeer IAS being instrumental in moving the project from paper to the ground and then it is Mr. Sarma (then Project director of VUDA) turn to make this a wonderful icon of the city he took keen interest in keeping the originality and carrying the utility, Once you enter you will notice that everything is is original except the flooring and the showcases. Then came the stalwart Gangadhr who put priceless effort in collecting such a large collection that makes it one of the vizag's most treasured landmark.
How to Reach There
Though the preferred route will be to take a ride from Vizag city to Scindia (via port flyover)  and take a detour from main road towards yarada at scindia junction. there is one more more adventurous way of reaching yarada, where you can start from vizag town and reach fishing harbour and take a boat to cross  harbor channel to reach  sagarmatha temple from where you can take a trekking tour to yarada beach.
Suggested Itinerary
Full Day Itinerary Dolphins Nose, Ross Hill, RK Mission, Aquarium, Lane Of Fame, Submarine Museum, Visakha Museum, VUDA Park, Sivaji Park, Kailasgiri Park
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About The Submarine
Made of steel, in Russia, acknowledged as the most successful design the world over, this 91 meter long underwater behemoth, during her operational period, made the Indian waters impregnable to enemy assaults. Commissioned on the 18th December, 1969 INS Kurusura took upon herself the colossal national duty of patrolling the Indian waters and keeping the enemy at bay.

Fired with an indefatigable sense of purpose and a supreme disdain for enemy designs, INS Kurusura played a stellar role in the 1971 Indo-Pak conflict .During her glorious service to the nation, she took part in various exercises with Indian and other foreign navies. Fitted with 22 torpedoes and able to reach speeds of 15.5 knots, she reigned supreme as the unchallenged underwater force, tearing the mighty oceans apart at the behest of her commanding masters and throwing open the hitherto un-reached ocean deeps.

INS Kursura was decommissioned after moved to the land on 28th Feb, 2001, after a glorious service of 31 years to the nation. Having conquered the impossible underwater challenges, she is now all set to conquer the ever grateful Indian hearts and souls. To reach your graceful presence, this massive creature has under gone a "painful Metamorphism" to become an 'Amphibian in Steel' basking in the hot beeches of Visakhapatnam on the beach road, besides "Victory at Sea". Waiting to tell us the glorious saga of her under water exploits. Waiting to reveal her once forbidden confines, top secret Sonar and Radar rooms, the top security S ubmarine control Room.










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