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Sitting next to RK beach is YMCA beach with a bit unfriendly profile off the beach and   less scope for venturing into. The set up of the park and nearby tourist attractions like visakha museum, ins kurusura, vuda park make the people come to this patch of the beach, It is also favorite hideout for viziagites and is always is bustling with people people and people. Distance 2 Km 
Things to Do  
Kids can have a buzzing time in the children park and rest of the people sit and enjoy the famous harmony and peace of Vizag. If you are interested nearby Visakha  museum have a lot to tell you  about its past.    
How to Reach There
YMCA Beach can be reached by RTC Bus that connects RK Beach from all the parts of the city from which YMCA beachis a stroll away and if you prefer to drive on your own then it is just 3 Km from RTC Bus Station. Autos are other option too.
Suggested Itinerary
Full Day Itinerary Dolphins Nose, Ross Hill, RK Mission, Aquarium, Lane Of Fame, Submarine Museum, Visakha Museum, VUDA Park, Sivaji Park, Kailasgiri Park
Events and Attractions  
There is a souvenir shopping aquarium complex, and the koppaka toys from eti koppaka are a must as souvenirs of Vizag.

For Eats there are bhelpuri wallahs selling spiced up puffed rice called bhel, corn, chats, kebabs, everything has a new taste here.

A visit to kali temple, and Ramakrishna mission Checkout the frequent exhibitions that are spread out in nearby Viswapriya function hall.









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Fish Aquarium
Kurusura Museum
Gokul Park
Victory at Sea
RK Mission


Park Hotel
Youth Hostel
Palmbeach Hotel
Gateway Hotel


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